5 Reasons Why Cryo Lipo is The Perfect Treatment For You

cryo lipo treatment
Posted Date :       8 Jul 2016

As the weather gets warmer, you’ve probably started cleaning up your diet and maximising your workouts in order to shape up for the summer season. If you’re like most of our patients, you might need just a little help to tone your problem areas, and look as good as you feel.

Cryo Lipo Clinic is proud to offer Cryolipolysis to our patients: A best non invasive treatment for freeze fat cells. The result? The lean, sculpted body you deserve. Yes, it really is that easy!

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why Cryo Lipo is the perfect treatment for you:

1. No surgery, no pain!

Freezing fat is kind to your body, but tough on stubborn fat. It’s a best non invasive treatment for fat reduction - no surgery, needles, or anaesthesia required!

Lipo freeze has been designed by Harvard scientists to target fat cells under the skin and freeze them. Only the fat cells are frozen. Why? Because they’re most vulnerable to cold temperatures. Unlike with surgery, your surrounding skin and tissues remain healthy and free from damage.

You will feel intense cold and pressure on the treated area, but no pain.

Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are gradually eliminated from your body through natural metabolic processes. You will be left with a more defined and shapely figure in return.

2. Fits into your busy schedule

Unlike other fat-removal treatments, cold lipolysis is quick and simple. Instead of surgery, cooling panels are used to gently freeze the fat cells. Sit back, relax, check your email, or watch your favourite show. Your treatment will be finished in no time.

Each session takes 45 minutes on average -- just as long as you spend in the gym. A fat freeze treatment can fit neatly into your lunch break, allowing you to return to work afterwards. Typically, one fat freezing treatment is enough to see results, although more may be implemented into your personalised treatment plan.

3. No recovery

Cryogenics Lypolysis can tone up and slim down your body without the recovery and downtime of surgery. After your fat freeze session, you can get right back to your usual daily activities. There can be mild swelling and redness in the treated area. However, side effects are minimal, and even non-existent in most cases, certainly nothing that requires you to spend days on the couch recovering.

4. It’s affordable

No doubt about it, surgery is expensive and time-consuming. But with freeze lipo, fat removal is suddenly affordable and well within your reach. You can get the body of your dreams without breaking the bank. Our cryolipolysis treatment prices are very competitive - please check our website for details.

5. Results are transformative

After one session, you will typically see a noticeable reduction of fat within six weeks. On average, you can expect to lose between 25-30% of fat in each area treated - just enough to tighten and tone those pesky problem areas.

Isn’t it time you got the slim body you want and deserve? What are you waiting for? Book your consultation at Cryo Lipo Clinic today!