5 Advantages of Fat Freezing Over Any Conventional Therapy

advantages of fat freezing
Posted Date :       28 Apr 2017

If you’re tired of the stubborn deposits of fat and have tried everything from strict diets to severe workouts with no major results because of your lifestyle and timetable then you should look into Fat Freezing. This is a common problem that affects not only you but a large majority of the population. The stubborn deposits of local fat in areas like upper arms, inner thighs and bra line, make people appear less attractive than what they actually are. Cool sculpting is the most effective, as well as popular body contouring therapy to overcome this problem.

The therapy follows a unique procedure of freezing the localised fat cells and hence, is more popularly known as fat freeze treatment. There are many advantages of fat freezing treatment which are as following:

  1. Non surgical approach: Unlike the conventional clinical procedures, cool sculpting is a non surgical therapy, thus much less complicated. You do not have to go under the knife to get rid of the localised fat deposits in the body. While undergoing the treatment session in a clinic, you can enjoy reading a book, watch your favourite movie, take a nap or continue working on your laptop.

  2. Treatment for your localised body parts: The therapy is meant for removing stubborn fat deposits from areas like buttocks, tummy, upper arms and inner thighs. The device that is used, provides guaranteed result on your local body parts. As such, the treatment offers better value of your hard-earned money on all conditions.

  3. Your lifestyle of normal activity is never affected: In order to freeze your fat, using the latest skincare technology, there is no need to compromise with your normal lifestyle of activity. You can get the treatment done during the lunch break at your workplace. No anesthesia is required for it and there is also no downtime required after the procedure. So, you can just switch back to your normal lifestyle after a session. You do not need to get admitted overnight either, the treatment will be carried out at the outpatient department.

  4. It is safe and free from any unwanted side-effect: The clinical procedure for fat freezing is absolutely safe and has no unwanted side-effects. It is equally ideal for just everyone, irrespective of age and gender. Even, children can avail this therapy with written consent from their guardians. However, it is only suitable when you are not too far over your ideal body weight.

  5. Permanent solution: Unlike the conventional fat removal procedures, cryolipo or fat freezing offers a lifetime solution to your problem. The procedure involves regulated freezing of the targeted fat cells using a modern device. As a result of this controlled freezing, water present inside the cells turn into ice crystals. This results in natural death of the cells and the dead cells are gradually removed from the body through natural metabolic process. As a result, there is no chance for the fat cells to come back.

Cryo Lipo Clinic, located at 65 Endell St, Covent Garden, is one of the most reliable destinations in London to avail the treatment. Experts at this clinic, assure the results start showing up within a couple weeks of a session.