All About Spot-Targeted Fat Loss Treatment and Its Effectiveness

All About Spot-Targeted Fat Loss Treatment
Posted Date :       2 Aug 2018

Weight loss is a tricky subject and every one has a his or her own opinion on this. The advice of untrained professionals can easily be discounted for obvious reasons. But you should always pay heed to what the technically sound professionals have got to say.

The web is full of related content on weight loss. Health and fitness professionals constantly keep posting and promoting relevant content to cater to their target audience. Amateur health enthusiasts, which include ordianry folks, have a very simple concept to weight loss. People consider it as the treatment to reduce fat deposits in the body. To lose weight around the tummy, we focus on abdominal exercises in high repetition and to trim the hands, we perform bicep curls.

Interestingly, industry experts don’t find any flaw in this approach and rather endorse this weight loss strategy by coining a term for it. They call it spot reduction or spot targeted fat loss program.

Spot reduction technique

Spot reduction is in fact a general term in the domain of health and fitness. It signifies that fat deposits in the body can be categorically marked in zones and those zonal deposits can be removed by different kinds of workout.

More on fat cells

Research shows that excessive resistance training doesn’t contribute to spot reduction, rather helps losing the overall body fat. This is because of certain features of our body fat.

  • The fat in our body remains stored particularly in the fat cells, which are also known as triglycerides.
  • According to cryolipolysis specialists, the triglycerdies don’t provide energy to your muscle cells.
  • They can be broken down from anywhere in the body.
  • They are broken down to free fatty acids and glycerol.
  • Once broken down, they enter into your blood stream.
  • Broken down of the triglyceroids doesn’t affect the body part in which vigorous physical workout is taking place.

Biosignature modulation

It is a scientifc approach based on the concept of spot reduction to get rid of unwanted fat. It starts with measuring the fat content in different parts of your body. Then, it is cross-referenced with your personal hormone profile. This cross reference helps determining the problem areas. Then, an effective exercise regimen and suitable diet chart are drawn up to facilitate weight loss.   

Moreover, experts from a renowned fat reduction treatment center in London point out, Biosig modulation also derrives a relationship between excessive fat deposits and hormone levels in your body. Like:

  • The love handles are linked to insulin
  • Fat cells in the hips and the legs are associated with estrogen
  • Abdominal fat is connected to cortisol

Biosignature modulation provides us with a clear understanding of how the body deposits fat in one hand. While on the other, it offers people with an added alternative and more effective way to target specific fat zones in the body.