Everything You Need to Know about Losing Body Fat

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Posted Date :       27 Mar 2017

First of all, losing weight and losing fat is not the same thing! These are two different aspects demanding different techniques for the desired goals. We understand that not everyone has the same health goals and it depends on the person’s goal in reducing body fat. If you are concerned about your health and want to lose the extra body fat, we have some good advice on how to do it safely. Along with good health habits, we would also share some information about a non-invasive treatment offered by body treatment centres in London. Stay with us and keep reading to know more!

  • Know the right amount of fat you need daily

    Body fat is as layer of tissue your body needs to a certain extent and so you should make sure you include a suitable amount of fat rich foods in your daily diet. This amount of fat is called essential fat as it very important for your good health. Doctors say that the healthy fat percentage range for women is 25-28% whereas 12-15% for men. You can know your ideal body fat range from your doctor.

  • Eat less carbs to allow your body burn fat sooner

    Carbs are important for your body, as it includes energy building elements. Usually your body relies on carbohydrates for energy, which it converts to glycogen. When your body loses the carbs and glycogen, it starts using the stored fat for energy. It is recommended to keep your carb percentage low, to make your body start the fat burning process sooner. However, if you find these as too bothering, go for the non-surgical cryolipolysis treatment straight away. You can go through the fat freezing treatment reviews from our patients by visiting our website.

  • Losing body fat depends on the total amount of calories you eat

    If you are looking forward to lose body fat, better start with your daily calorie intake. Remember, you need to maintain your daily healthy diet to have a balanced fat composition in your body. The fat percentage over the ideal range is considered as the extra fat which settles down your belly, thighs, upper arms or back. Thus, you need to keep a track of your daily diet, lifestyles, goals and the kind of exercises you do.

  • Do some regular cardio exercises

    Whatever you do, exercising is an essential part of your lifestyle. You must engage with exercises, especially high-intensity cardio. It helps in burning fat efficiently and keeps you fit and healthy. The best part about these exercisres is that your body keeps on burning the extra fat even whe you are done with the cardio sesion.

  • Ensure sufficient amount of sleep and drink plenty of water

    These are two important things you must keep in mind – enough sleep and sufficient water intake. When you get quality sleep, the hormonal balance remains stable and good water intake keeps you hydrated and filled. To know the ideal amount of daily water intake, divide you weight into have and have that much ounces of water everyday.


If nothing of the above ways work for you, there is stil an effective option left. Cryo Lipo Clinic offers Cryolipolysis Treatment to the seeking patients and can help you achieve the desired body shape.