Common Enquiries on the Process of Freezing Your Fat

Fat Freeze Frequently Asked Questions
Posted Date :       21 Sep 2016

With the latest fat freezing treatment it is pretty easier these days to get rid of the excess fat from your body. This therapy is absolutely safe and has no side-effects. The treatment process takes about three quarters of an hour. In addition to all the facts already mentioned, the clinical procedure is reasonable in cost and thus, easily affordable. As such, a large number of people in London are availing this modern cosmetic therapy to tone up their physique.  

However, Cryolipolysis is considered as one of the best treatment to freeze fat brings up a few questions of how it’s done so read on to get some clarity on all relevant aspects of this beauty treatment.

Questions that patients frequently ask about cryolipolysis

Is cryolipolysis really effective?

Yes, it is 100% effective and patients who have undergone the treatment almost 10 years ago still benefit from it. Cryolipolysis destroys the fat cells completely so it is easier to maintain the effects with a balanced diet.

How far is it helpful in removing body fat?

A single session of cryolipo therapy can reduce anywhere between 20 to 45 per cent of the fat cells present in a body.

What is this treatment about?

Fat freezing or cryolipo applies advanced cooling technology on targeted fat cells in your body. As a result of this controlled cooling, water present inside the localized fat cells crystallize to ice and this leads to the death of the targeted fat cells. However, the treatment is so sophisticated that application of controlled cooling works only on the targeted fat cells while the surrounding tissues are left unaffected.

Can you please tell me more about the procedure?

The localised fat cells that are to be treated are targeted first and a cryolipo cup is placed on the selected region of the body. Controlled cooling is then applied to the targeted area till a specific drop in temperature. This usually takes about 45 minutes, depending upon the thickness of the fat cells and other factors.

Will I get a toned body immediately?

The results of the skincare therapy start showing up in 3 to 4 weeks. Your body takes time to eliminate the dead fat cells and till those are eliminated, the results will not start showing. For optimum results, you need to wait for about 3 months.

Will it be painful?

Experts at our Cryo Lipo Clinic in London assure that cryolipolysis is absolutely painless, noninvasive and nonsurgical. Patients enjoy a nap, work on their laptops or watch movies during the therapy sessions.

How long will the effect last?

As your fat cells will be selectively killed and eliminated from the body, the chances of their reappearance are practically zero. However, if you want the effects to last for a lifetime, you have to maintain a restricted diet and workout regularly.  

Is the treatment ideal for me?

This therapy is more suitable for folks who have localized areas of fat deposition in the body but at the same time they are not excessively beyond their ideal body weights. Read more from here.

This therapy practically needs no turnaround time. You can immediately get back to your normal lifestyle right after a session.