Cryolipolysis - A Powerful Treatment for Having a Slim Body

cryolipolysis slimming treatment
Posted Date :       31 Aug 2016

Are you a victim of muffin tops and sagging skin? Well, you need not get upset about the unwanted fat around your tummy, thighs and arms. A non-surgical fat reduction treatment is introduced at several skin clinics in London. The treatment is called as cryolipolysis or 3D-Liposuction. You can get rid of the excessive fat cells in your body by undergoing the effective method of fat reduction process involved in the treatment. Read on for a detailed study of cryolipolysis.

Who is the right candidate for the treatment?

The suitable candidate for Cryolipolysis Treatment is within 20-30 pounds of their body weight or who are trying to lose weight. The reason is cryolipolysis does not lead to weight loss or suck the fat out, rather it destroys fat cells and your body metabolizes the fat or stores it somewhere else.  

The treated area is actually a “fat bulge” or something you can hold with your hands and squeeze.  The machine uses control freezing of the fat cells and as a result of this, the targeted cells meet natural death. Some examples include – the “love handles” or lower abdomen bulge.

Which areas does it treat?

Some areas that can be treated under cryolipolysis are:

  • Double chins
  • Love handles
  • Belly fat
  • Back fat
  • Muffin tops
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Bra fat
  • Knee fat

How does it work?

The treatment involves freezing fat cells in order to kill the excess fats contained as flabs and folds in the body. At Cryo Lipo Clinic our medical expert will set the treatment areas for cooling to a specific temperature for about an hour. The time usually depends upon the fat thickness and area to be treated.

The cooling process crystalises the fat cells which eventually break down through the process called Apoptosis.  It results in the reduction of fat cells without any damage to the area and surrounding nerve tissues. In some cases, redness and bruising effects are noted after the treatment methodology.    

What are the benefits of cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)?

The fat freezing treatment offers great benefits to the patients which involve:

  • Treating multiple areas at the same time
  • The course of procedure consists of only 3-5 sessions
  • Skin quality is improved
  • An effective and absolutely painless treatment
  • No required downtime
  • Non-invasive in nature
  • Can also follow a liposuction operation
  • Recommended alternative of liposuction
  • Slims and tightens the body to provide radiant results
  • Immediate noticeable outcome
  • Disposes fat cells naturally
  • No risk of complications

Is the treatment long-lasting?

As an adult, you do not grow new fat cells and there are ways to destroy excess fat collected in an area of your body. There is no certainty that you won’t put on weight once the fat cells are destroyed. If not maintained, your body weight might increase with time as the treatment does not ensure a solution for weight gain and management. You can only have the slim and perfect body shape with proper maintenance forever.

Many patients attain considerable fat reduction and changes in their body shape after one treatment only. However, check our cryo lipo reviews from our website and talk about a customized slimming treatment plan from our expert during the consultation based on your specific needs.