Cryolipolysis - Easy Cooling Therapy to Destroy Unwanted Fat Deposits

Posted Date :       29 May 2017

Who doesn’t want a curvy, slim and attractive figure? Beauty is defined by your smile, and of course, your body. Having a well-shaped body is a common thing we all dream about. Truly speaking, achieving this is not an easy task. The stubborn fat cells do not go away easily even with regular workouts and balanced diet. Along with these, you should go for suitable body treatment that reduces fat without any major side-effects. There is one for people who have excess fat deposits in particular areas of their body. It is an effective treatment that needs acute precision and experience of a professional from a reputed non surgical lipo clinic.

Let us know more about the comfortable and faster fat reduction therapy of Cryolipolysis.

A fat freezing technique to remove unwanted deposits


As they say, nobody in this world is perfect, we all have some problematic areas in our body. Be it due to fat, stretch marks, aging or any other medical issue. Scientists involved in medical research have brought up various solutions for different issues and now they have one even for the unwanted fat deposits.

According to scientists, cryolipolysis or the process of fat freezing (as it is called) destroys the underlying cells with a cooling therapy. This was first introduced when they discovered the use of ice for fat burning. They believed that on using ice on the fatty areas of your body for 30-60 minutes, you can burn a good amount of excessive fat cells.

Coolsculpting or Cryolipolysis is the medical treatment, thus designed based on the ice therapy. Today, various renowned medical clinics in London are offering the technique to the seeking patients with successful results. We are also categorised in this list, providing cryolipolysis in Harley Street.

If you are wondering how this happens, we are here to explain.

The fat reduction process

It starts with a coolsculpting machine placed on the treatment area. Before getting started, you will have a consultation session wuth your doctor, where every detail of your healtha nd the treatment will be discussed. Oming back to the procedure, this machine sucks and cools the collected fat at a specific cooling temperature for aroung 30-60 minutes.

Based  on your situationa dn problematic areas, you might be called for further sessions. Due to constant cooling, the fat cells crystalise and breaks down into dead cells. These destroyed fat cells and then flushed out from your body through the metabolic system.

After the first session, you will notice an instant slight reduction in your waist size upto 1 inch. In a couple of months, significant improvments will be experienced. If you are confused about making a decision for the treatment, you can read the non-surgical liposuction reviews on our website anytime you want. It will help you know the expereinces of our past patients who have undergone the treatment at ouir Cryo Lipo Clinic.

Undoubtedly, cryolipolysis is a suitable option, if you want to have the body you always desired. Our experts at the clinic will take care of all your concerns and ensure the desired results.