Cryolipolysis v Liposuction

Cryolipolysis vs. Liposuction
Posted Date :       26 Dec 2016

There will be very few of us who are not irritated by lumps and bumps of fat pockets that no amount of dieting seems to shift.  Lotions potions and exhausting exercise have made no impression on these stubborn areas, so it is time to look for something that will banish them forever. Liposuction has been about the only solution. 

What Liposuction has to offer

One of the most popular treatments to tackle this kind of problem is liposuction; one the most often performed treatment in the UK.  It offers the chance to transform body shape with the cost between two and six thousand pounds.  This price puts the treatment out of the reach of many.  Even if you were happy to stump up the cash the treatment is invasive and will often be done under general anaesthetic with an overnight stay in the clinic.  Swelling and bruising can last for several weeks and patients are often very sore after liposuction.


The results of liposuction will vary dependant on the skill of the surgeon. Although many people are pleased with the results other complain of unevenness and hollows and dents under the skin if too much fat is removed. Concerns about hospital-acquired infections like MRSA are also a factor.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction e.g. Vaser is marketed as being minimally invasive or as a treatment that can be completed in walk in walk out appointment under local anaesthesia. This however, might not always be quite true. There is likely still to be bruising and swelling that will last a few weeks and the areas of the incisions will need dressing changes along with sessions of massage for lymphatic drainage every week that will help healing but will cost you. Comfortable support garments are also needed for about four to six weeks after the procedure to smooth out the new contours and avoid any unevenness.

At last there is a great alternative - Enter Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing treatment)

Now however there is an alternative to Liposuction that is clinically proven and will delver you excellent results. Cryolipolysis fat freeze treatment is a new and revolutionary treatment, an alternative to liposuction that has seen many clients achieve significantly reduced fat cells in the treated area. These really is a walk in and walk out procedure and the treatments take about half to one hour. This treatment has no pain, no needles and no anaesthesia. Cryolipolysis freeze the fat cells at about -5°c killing them. Once dead the cells are metabolised and eliminated in natural process. After treatment there might be some minor bruising, numbness or redness but this will soon resolve with results seen as soon as four weeks improving to eight week with an even reduction of fat cells and sculpted appearance.

Results from Cryolipolysis can start to be seen from as early as 4 weeks with best results being achieved approximately 8 weeks after the initial treatment. Many fo our clients find that only one fat freeze is necessary to achieve their desired results. Retreating the same area a few months later, however, will optimise results. And more than that, Cryolipolysis beats Liposuction on price too. Visit our clinic in London for non surgical lipo treatment today.