Does Liposution Offers Fat Removal Permanently

fat removal
Posted Date :       4 Oct 2017

So, these days, you’re only choosing those outfits that can easily hide your belly pooch, really? In stead of making this recurring effort day in and day out, why don’t you avail some permanent solution to your problem. Cosmetic surgery has advanced in leaps and bounds to help you with a realistic and sustainable solution to the problem.

A modern, effective therapy

In stead of relying on the latest advances of cosmetic therapy, you may focus on a stricter diet and more tiring exercise regimen. In that case, however, you can be absolutely sure those stubborn fat pockets will never melt away. For this, you need to undergo a special therapy, to freeze away the fat cells, called liposuction. 

Presently, it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. An increasing number of men and women, from varying age groups, are eagerly availing the therapy to get rid of the stubborn fat pockets from specific regions of the body.

Read on to know about some tried and tested facts about this modern, effective stubborn fat cell removing clinical procedure.

Different from conventional weightloss

Excess fat deposits in areas like the tummy, the inner thighs and the chin are impossible to remove with diet and exercise alone. On the other hand, if you lose weight, your entire body will shrink. Thus, areas like the breasts, where you want to have some plumpness, will loose their shape and volume, in proportion to your body’s overall weightloss. Whereas, the fat freezing procedure or liposuction will leave the overall physical proportion of your body intact while removing the stubborn fat deposits from the body.  

The results of this modern cosmetic therapy lasts much longer than what you may imagine. However, the clinical procedure of Fat Freezing has to be followed by regular workouts and a controlled diet. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the chances that those stubborn fat deposits reappearing are nil.

Not just a weight-lose therapy

Liposuction is the fast-track method to reduce excess fat deposits from selected regions of the body. Please remember, it is not an overall weigh-losing therapy. At the same time, it never guarantees that the fat cells you lost in the procedure will never reappear at any point of time. You have to be responsible on how long the effect of the cosmetic therapy will last on you. If you intake more calories than what your burn, the ugly fat deposits will resurface in no time.

Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle

After undergoing the modern fat freezing treatment, you should commit to a healthy lifetsyle for more long-lasting results. Follow a exercise routine at least for 15 minutes every day or half-an-hour thrice a week. The treatment proves to be most effective for those, who are not above 10 to 12 pounds of their ideal body weight. Therefore, before going for the treatment, it is better to consult an expert, who is recognised by the the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons or BAAPS or other such reputed organisations.

The Cryo Lipo Clinic is a reputed cosmetic surgery clinic located at Marylebone in London. It offers state-of-the-art procedure for freezing fat cells and has a high success rate in the given context. For any help, assistance or consultancy on this modern cosmetic therapy, you can drop in any time without any hesitation.