Effective Fat Removal Treatment with Cryolipolysis

Fat Removal Treatment
Posted Date :       5 Dec 2016

Imagine a machine, which resembles a vacuum cleaner that can remove stubborn deposits of fat from localised areas of your body. These last remaining deposits of fat have always had the reputation for being difficult to shift even when you have been to the gym, worked out and dieted. I am sure that you are willing to consider anything that will help with those last stubborn deposits.

Suitable candidate

This clinical procedure is not a quick fix for obesity. The ideal candidate will be someone slightly above their ideal body weight who has a few residual pockets of stubborn fatty deposits. This fat removal treatment therapy can also be used on children in special circumstances. The results of this aesthetic treatment will take a while to fully develop as your system removes the dead cells through the metabolic process.

An impressive clinical procedure

This machine freezes away the stubborn fat cells and helps you attain a toned appearance. It is widely used by competent practitioners who are qualified to administer cryolipo therapy. According to aesthetic experts working as cryolipo treatment providers, the therapy is non-invasive or non surgical and painless. 

Fat freezing treatment helps freeze away fat cells, in a safe clinical procedure and is a safe alternative to conventional liposuction.

The Science Bit

Every living cell in your body contains water. This treatment approach freezes the targeted fat cells, crystallizes the water in them and turns it into ice. The cells will then die. The dead cells will be removed through the natural metabolic process.

Lifelong solution

With the dead cells eliminated, the therapy provides a long-term solution to the problem. However, to ensure a long lasting result, taking exercise and eating sensibly is key. The advantages of freezing fat cells to lose weight are great but this is not a magic cure. 

An ideal treatment destination

Cryo Lipo Clinic is one of the most dependable weight loss advisory practices in London. Our reputation for providing state-of-the-art service and delivering impressive results speaks for itself. We are centrally located in Harley Street.

For more information please call or email. We are open till 19.00 hours, Monday to Thursday and until 15:00 hours on Friday. We can arrange appointments on Sundays for those who need them.

Therapy takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and our lunchtime appointments during the week are very busy. Get in touch with us for more information and to make a booking.