Eliminate Body Fat Cells Immediately by Freezing Them

freezing fat cells treatment
Posted Date :       5 Mar 2018

Are you amongst those people who feel extremely miserable due to excess bulges of fat in their body? Well, if you too are one amongst them, then it will make the thighs appear very fat, your clothed will become too tight and you will look absolutely unattractive. Having excess fat can increase the risks of developing some illness such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. However, researchers have found out some effective ways to freeze your fat off soon.

How ice pack at home can help to shed off fat

Ice-packs are known to prevent swelling and inflammation that occurs due to sports injuries. However, with CoolSculpting treatment, you can repeat the effects at home by applying ice packs on your skin.

According to studies, it has been found that the levels of fat on different parts of the body where ice packs have been applied were lower than other body parts. Thus, by strapping on ice packs to those fatty areas such as flanks, thighs and stomach for only 30 minutes to one hour, 3 to 4 times in a week, you freeze the fat from your body.

What you need to watch out carefully

If you do not use ice packs in the correct way, then this may lead to skin burns that varies from mild like first degree burns to more severe ones such as second as well as third degree burns. One of the common ways this might occur is through the application of ice pack directly to your skin without any barrier of the injured area.

You may use a thin layer like tee shirt between the skin and ice or hand towel for few minutes till your skin gets adjusted and then remove the layer. Try to use thick materials or towels that will prevent the ice from affecting the area thus, lessening its benefit.

Some factors that increase cold ridden burn injuries with ice consist of the following:

  • People who use medications for reducing the flow of blood to the skin like beta-blockers.
  • People having peripheral vascular disease that decreases blood flow to the affected tissue.
  • People with peripheral neuropathy decrease their ability to feel some kind of injury.
  • Diabetes and smoking.

Some symptoms of Cold ridden burnt injuries

  • Sensation of needles and pins that are then followed by numbness and tingling
  • Firm skin that is completely numb and white
  • Severe pain and redness in the affected area of skin
  • Skin blisters

How to treat ice pack burn

If you find some signs and symptoms of cold induced injury like numb, itchiness, burning, developing blisters and some pain in the affected area, then you may find having ice pack burn.  The color of your affected part may become yellowish-gray and it needs to be re-warmed to stop burn from getting severe.

  • Soak burned skin in warm water. The temperature of water should be between 104 and 108 degree Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes.
  • Use warm compresses or cover the area by using a blanket.
  • Avoid moving or massaging damaged area as this may lead to further injury.
  • Avoid dry heat directly to warm affected area like radiator as these areas are numb and may burn easily.

With fat cells treatment, you can freeze the body fat at home and maintain the perfect shape of your body.