FAQ on Non-surgical Fat Removal Method

Non-surgical Fat Removal Method
Posted Date :       18 Jul 2017

Do you want to get rid of excess fat with safe and effective cosmetic surgery? It is a fact that cosmetic surgeries are somewhat painful, however you will find non-surgical fat reduction methods that are absolutely pain free.  This cosmetic procedure uses necessary equipments to freeze your fat away with controlled injuries. Two kinds of devices are used – cryolipolysis and ultrasound. The ultimate result is reduction in fat deposits and well-toned body. Let’s discuss how you can solve your queries on fat removal procedure.

When should you go for nonsurgical fat removal procedure?

If you have developed fat deposits that cannot be reduced with regular exercise and strict diet, this non-invasive fat removal method is the right option to give perfect shape to your body.  It is recommended for patients who have limited fat deposits on their abdomen, thighs, flanks or back.

Who is the right candidate for the procedure?

Both men and women who have good body shape but want to reduce excess fat on the thighs, back, abdomen or flanks are suitable candidate for the procedure. It is important to know that this is not any treatment for weight loss. However, it particularly deals with fat volumes that may be the cause for flabby or shabby look.

What does the procedure involve?

Two kinds fat removal methods are cryolipolysis and ultrasound. Cold Lipolysis is the process of fat freezing procedure that destroys the fat cells you have built up. The method deals with destroying fat deposits with controlled cooling at 40C on an average. When you keep the body exposed at low temperature, this may be the reason for death of fat cells within the subcutaneous tissue that does not cause damage to your skin.

On the other hand, ultrasound involves use of ultrasound waves. They target fat deposits that cannot be reduced with exercise and diet. Though no incision is required, each procedure will not last for more than an hour. The method is not painful, and the patient will have mild tingling throughout the treatment.

Are non-surgical fat removal procedures costly?

No, the procedure is not expensive. The treatment mainly targets specific areas of your body where fat deposits have accumulated. The best non surgical liposuction is affordable that allows maintaining the perfect body shape.

Are the results meant to last for a long time?

Non-surgical fat removal will enable you to destroy your fat cells. However, if you do not practice regular exercise or follow a diet chart, you will again accumulate fat on the abdomen, back or thighs. Patients should eat more fruits, veggies and drink water if they want the results to last for long. It is advised to restrict the intake of salt and sugar and you will surely have an amazing body.

Both cryolipolysis and ultrasound ate effective treatments to give proper shape to your body. The results seem to be permanent, however you need to ensure that you do not again get back to unhealthy eating habits. You may read through cryolipolysis fat freeze treatment reviews to know if this is the right treatment for your case. Make sure you do exercise daily to look all the more confident and attractive than before.