Ways to Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Pockets

non surgical liposuction
Posted Date :       30 Jan 2018

Physically strainous workout schedules are effective to loose weight. However, this approach is undeniably time-consuimg. Moreover, stubborn pockets of fat at certain specific locations of the body - like the tummy, the inner thigs, the breastline, the upper arms – are almost impossible to get rid of through exercising.

Thus, an increasing number of people are availing Non surgical Liposuction to Freeze Away Your Stubborn Fat Pockets. Experts, who provide the ultra modern fat removal treatment in form of ice body sculpting, suggest, there’re certain things you better should know about the procedure to maximise its effect. These are as following:

  • If you go by the book, the technical name of the clinical procedure is cryogenic lipolysis, which is more popular by the shortened form cryolipolysis.
  • The procedure cools down the targeted fat cells to a temparature of -40 degree celcius. As a result of this sudden cooling, the water present inside the living cells freeze to ice.
  • This change of state of matter eventually kills the fat cells. Gradually, the dead cells are removed from the body and you gain a smarter and slimmer look.
  • The targeted treatment area will definitely feel cold, although you will never experience that bitter cold anytime during the session. Modern skincare clinics – like Cryo Lipo Clinic and many more – make use of cutting-edge technology to make patients feel comfortable while undergoing the treatment.
  • The treated area will definitely feel cold too, but be assured the locations on your body part will hardly freeze solid.
  • You’ll experience minor side-effect like slight pinkishness of the treated area. There’s nothing to worry, as this will go away on its own within an hour or two.
  • Non surgical liposuction will remove fat without surgery but the result will take time to appear. It will take about a couple of weeks for the dead fat cells to get eliminated out of the body.

The therapy is suitable for almost everyone, irrespective of age. However, it is important to remember, this clinical procedure is not a solution to cure obesity. Ideally, it is meant for them, who’re just a few pounds above their right body weight. It is better to collect a recommendation from your general practitioner before booking an appointment for this cosmetic aesthetic treatment. Pregnant women and mothers, who’are still breast-feeding their young ones, should not avail this therapy. There are also some severe medical conditions, in which one is restricted to undergo the therapy.

The treatment requires no downtime. Thus, you easily get back to your normal lifestyle right after the therapy gets over. You can go for gymming, drive all the way home or get back to work easily. In contrast to this, it should be recalled here that liposuction gives you bruises that last for about a month. Now, if you are concerned about the saggy pockets that your skin will form after the frozen dead cells are eliminated, there’s no need to worry.

Non Surgical Liposuction is an effective fat reduction treatment that leaves no such saggy pockets. Human skin is elastic in nature and it automatically adjusts itself with the shrink in your body volume.

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