Freezing your Fat Away with the Effective Cryolipolysis Treatment

non surgery liposuction
Posted Date :       19 Jun 2017

Are you struggling with pockets of fat that cannot be controlled with exercise and diet? Do you have fat deposits on the abdomen, back, flanks or thighs? Well, you obviously want to attain a trim shaped body without the need to perform any surgery. Cryolipolysis is a Non surgical liposuction techniques to destroy fat cells and have a well-toned body.

Who is the suitable candidate for the treatment?

The procedure can help both men and women to solve the problem of stubborn bulges. It works best on love handles that nobody will actually love and even on double chin you see in the mirror.

How is the treatment done?

The treatment is performed by choosing the appropriate probe depending on the location that needs to be treated. You will be asked to lie down and the treated area will be covered by using antifreeze gel sheet. After this, the probe is applied and then the fat fold and skin are brought into the suction head. When the fat layer and skin gets cured, the temperature gets dropped to freeze away the fat.

The temperature will depend from -2C to -6C. You can treat two areas at the same time. You will not feel any discomfort or pain during the treatment. Thus, you will be able to get back to their daily activities immediately. The next treatment will be performed after the time span of 2 months.

What happens after the treatment?

One of the benefits of cold liposuction is that there aren’t any side effects associated with it. There is also no recovery time needed after the treatment. Though your skin will feel partially numb and cold in the treated area, it will return to its normal temperature, say within an hour or so after the treatment.

How long will the treatment session take?

Each session will be somewhat between 40 and 60 minutes for the area, depending on the thickness of the fat accumulated. Your surgeon will perform the therapy based on the need of the individual. It is advised that the valuable clients take atleast 60 minutes for treating a specific area and so, three areas will require nearly 180 minutes.

Is the treatment long-lasting?

The answer is of course yes, however if you want to attain similar results, the procedure should be done by an experienced dermatologist who has undergone several treatment cycles. The fat cells are removed permanently from the body. You won’t usually grow extra fat cells unless you put on weight that provides stimulus for the cells to multiply. Thus, if you maintain your weight, you can expect to see permanent results on the treated area.

Thus, you may visit Cryo Lipo Clinic to freeze away fat cells and get the perfect shape of your body. Since cold lipolysis is the process of fat freezing, talk to our experts and solve the problem with ease.