Get Rid of Fat Deposits with our Nonsurgical Methods

Reduce Fat with Nonsurgical Methods
Posted Date :       10 May 2018

Non surgical fat removal, also known as “non surgical” liposuction is not a conventional invasive liposuction treatment at all. Traditional liposuction is a surgical method that involves small incisions where a tube gets inserted into the fatty areas of your body. This fat is “sucked out” by using the tube that leads to permanent removal of fat cells. Liposuction can be used on the larger parts of the body where there are deposits of fat and might become effective after one process. As liposuction is a kind of surgery, some recovery time is needed at the time of swelling and pain. Also, there is some risk of getting infected if proper care is not taken.

Non surgical fat removal is a method where lasers, heating, cooling or sound waves are used for destroying deposits of fat from the body. It usually has less-to-no recovery time as surgical liposuction however, it is not effective on the larger fatty areas. The use should be restricted to small and stubborn areas that remain the same after having sufficient diet and regular exercise or for the ones who cannot perform any surgery. Several treatments will be needed to recover completely.

Kinds of nonsurgical fat reduction

The best nonsurgical fat removal is usually done at the clinic of the surgeon by following the right procedure. The popular brands like CoolSculpting uses different kinds of treatment that might be light or laser assisted, freezing or cryp therapy or sound by means of radiofrequency or ultrasound. Each type generally works for destroying cell membranes that surround the fat cells which might "melt" the fat away.

Advantages and disadvantages of nonsurgical fat reduction

Advantages: Nonsurgical fat reduction is actually nonsurgical where no incisions are needed. This means it is a noninvasive procedure with less recovery time less pain and swelling and decreased chance of post-procedure complications like infection.It does not needmuch pre-procedure preparation and can usually be performed at the daytime with quick return to normal activities.

Disadvantages: The fat reduction usually takes place within a few weeks or months and you might need to perform several treatments for it. Since nonsurgical liposuction is said to be an external treatment, it might be quite difficult to target the fatty areas of your body. The surgeon might not be able to address the fat in difficult areas or for patients that have scar tissue. Targeting might seem to becomplicated as the surgeon cannot "see" where the fat destruction has been effective. Thus, he will have to wait for more treatment periods in order to get the most effective result. Nonsurgical fat reduction won’t deliverinstant results and is not effective for the ones who need to remove large bulges of fat.

Liposuction is more accurate, effective and can be used for several conditions. With ultrasound-assisted procedures, the surgeons can beprecise in the fat removal process with minimum of post-surgical complications. Thus, liposuction is much more effective, but the latest nonsurgical fat removal is considered to be a good option for the ones who need additional help for certain spots or is the only option when surgery cannot be done. Noninvasive alternatives for fat removal will yield better results and you should talk to your surgeon or check out the fat freezing cryolipolysis reviews provided by our patients about the body contour changes as compared to the expected results.