Getting Rid of Extra Fat is Now Easy with Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatment
Posted Date :       28 Feb 2017

Are you tired of rigorous exercise and dieting? Does it seem like the extra fat like the best friend you never had, not letting go no matter hard you try. No matter how hard you try the stubborn fat around your belly, arm, thighs are still there. In this case, cryolipolysis is one of the best solutions. It can eliminate that extra weight without any exercise and dieting.

About Cryolipolysis

It is a medical procedure that uses cold temperature to freeze and ultimately kill the fat cells. It is based on the principle of controlled cooling on a localized area. It is a non-invasive procedure that reduces fat deposit and contours body shape.


  • The initial step of this procedure is consultation with the doctor.

  • A fluid is applied to the overlying skin to protect it from any harm.

  • The area to be treated is placed under a vacuum that exposes the fat cells to cold temperature.

  • It freezes the fatty tissues and they are eliminated from the body through natural process.

It takes 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the size of the area to be treated. It has never been so easy to freeze your fat with this procedure.

Few things that are unknown about cryolipolysis

  1. No pain: It might feel cold in the beginning but this sensation does not last for long. Most of the clients read a book or take a quick nap during this time.

  2. Good results: After initial swelling has subsided, most patients see that 20 to 40 percent of the fat is reduced in the targeted region.

  3. Not just for women: It is a misconception that spa treatment, fat reduction procedures are mainly focused on attracting female clients. However, there are many men who are attracted by cryolipolysis, as it can sculpt their physique according to their desire.

  4. Part of a healthy lifestyle: It is not a permanent treatment and works best when a healthy lifestyle is maintained. You are likely to gain weight if you do not eat right and exercise properly.

  5. Affordable procedure: You can freeze your fat in price that is lower than most of the other fat reduction surgeries and treatments.

  6. Kills the fat cells: The fat cells are exposed to cold temperature that leads to the natural death of the tissues and helps in reducing that extra weight.

Side effects

It is a non-surgical treatment and thus the risks and pain associated with this procedure are minimal. You may experience numbness and a cold sensation during the treatment but it subsides within few hours. There are some reports of redness, spots, irritation and swelling on the treated area. These effects are temporary but if the symptoms prevail then visiting a doctor for proper medication is important.

It is an effective treatment for people who are not obese but have fat bulges in their body. Freeze your own fat cells with the help of cryolipolysis and get rid of that extra weight.