How You Can Get rid of Fat Cells

fat freezing treatment
Posted Date :       9 Jun 2017

Nowadays, many people are choosing non-surgical fat reduction treatment for getting rid of fat cells.  Though liposuction is still ruling the market, non-surgical treatments are gaining popularity due to several reasons. These procedures are not proposed for weight loss rather, they are the most effective way to have the perfect body shape and weight. You can see the result within 6 to 12 weeks. You may visit a reputed clinic in London to undergo best fat freezing treatment under safe hands.

How does the process work?

Some people have certain amount of fat cells in their body by birth. The number increases or decreases till they reach their teenage years and after that, it becomes constant. Fat cells may increase due to various things such as calorie intake, high-fat diet and hormones which may lead to weight gain. With the help of fat-busters, you can either use extreme hot or cold to lessen the fat cells. After this, the fat accumulated in the body gets drained through the lymphatic system and finally, eliminated in waste.

What are your other options?

The treatment can be done on your belly, back, flanks, front and back of bra areas as well as inner and outer thighs. There is a new attachment known as Cool Mini that targets tight areas of your body spots, such as knees and chin. Though the treatment procedure is not painful, the preliminary reduction of fat into the applicator may be uncomfortable. Some side effects associated with the treatment include – numbness, nerve pain and mild bruising.

Can fat cells return after Cryo Lipo treatment?

After fat cells are flushed out from your body, they will not grow again. However, if you increase weight after the procedure, the remaining fat cells may increase in size. For example, if you treat thighs with any of these machines and gain few pounds later, the fat will get distributed in an even pattern all over the body rather than gaining it in the thighs.

How safe is the treatment procedure?

Apart from bruising, swelling and discomfort, there are some other drawbacks with the treatment. Since it is heat based technology, your skin may get burnt in case it does not go through deep inside.  Patients are monitored carefully during the procedure in order to avoid such situation.

Freeze-induced burns might take place with CoolSculpting in case the device is not used properly. Another side effect of CoolSculpting is the growth of fat cells.

You need to know when freezing the fat, there is a small risk of hyperplasia of fat for treating the area and stopping further growth of fat. This can be treated with the help of liposuction.

You may talk to the experts at the Cryo Lipo Clinic to know if you are the right candidate for the treatment.