Is it Really Possible to Freeze My Fat Away?

freeze your fat
Posted Date :       14 Oct 2017

Newer and more effective approaches are poping up in cosmetic therapy to make you look younger, prettier and more attractive. One of the latest therapies in this context involves freezing your fat to make you appear slimmer. This concpet makes sense, as the colder you get, the more heat your body has to workout and in the process, the unwanted calories are burnt.

Well, does that mean one has to strap an ice pack around the waist? Thankfully, the approach to “freeze your fat” is something completely different. More info Here.

The science of freezing away the fat

The human fat cells come in colours, mainly white and brown. The white fat tissues store fat to help you maintain a high level of physical energy; whereas, the brown ones burn the calories so that you get enough heat. These also help maintain a stable body temperature.

Modern fat freezing targets mainly these brown cells in your body.

The medical procedure

In order to freeze away your excess fat, you’ve to undergo a medical procedure, named cryolipolysis, under a medical professional. The procedure makes use of a specific machine that cools your fat tissues to a chilly -40 degrees centigrade.

As a result of this sudden exposure to extreme cold, water present in the cells freeze to ice. This kills the fat cells and gradually, over a period of months, the body disposes those dead fat cells. Thus, fat removing using cool sculpting provides long-lasting result. However, it is to be noted, results of this procedure need time to arrive. You shouldn’t expect immediate results from the treatment.

Side-effects and pre-conditions

Before searching the web with strings like “freeze your fat near me”, it is important for you to know the side-effects and pre-conditions involved in the procedure.

The minimally invasive treatment has some mild side-effects. It is known to cause mild bruising and numbness on the affected areas of your skin. This inconvenience lasts for a day or two at the most. It is better to stay from alcohol at least 24 hours before and after the treatment. The overall treatment time requires about 45 minutes to an hour. Most people, make prior appointments and undergo the clincial procedure during the lunch hour at their workplace.

It is advised that you carry some good books, or movies to enjoy during the treatment time. You may also enjoy a siesta instead of reading or watching movies. This proves the ease and the comfort in cool sculpting therapy.

Approval and safety aspect

Fat freezing technique is medically safe and already approved in America. Many European countries are considering to approve this cosmetic treatment. If you go online, you will find helpful customer reviews and ratings of Fat Freezing in huge volumes.

Considering all these facts, it can be safely concluded the clinical procedure is free from any health hazard or harmful side-effect. Many reputed clinics in London offer this modern therapy. Prices at these places vary greatly and it is not difficult to find a place that suits your budget.