Liposuction versus CoolSculpting - Choose the Right Method to Reduce Fat

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Posted Date :       15 Jan 2018

Your jackets and tunics can cover those small bulges, but what about fleshy prominences that clothes cannot hide anymore? Well, liposuction or coolsculpting sounds really appealing in such cases. So, which is the better option among them? The answer is that both are effective for the right candidates. However, one option is definitely better than the other, for some reason. You may visit a non surgical lipo clinic in London to know if you are the suitable candidate for the treatment.

About liposuction

Let us begin with liposuction procedure. Certain terms like lipoplasty, liposculpture, freeze lipo and fat removal all mean the same thing. Liposuction is the process where the surgeon can help you to get rid of excess fat without using a knife and with a small metal tube known as cannula and suction.

How liposuction is performed

The small incisions enable access to those fatty bulges. The surgeon will put IV fluid into the specific area to reduce excess fat and encourage smooth contours. Local anesthetic is given to numb the treated area during fat freeze lipo treatment.

After sufficient amount of fluid is injected, your surgeon inserts the cannula and turns on the suction. The small, yellow colored and round lobules travel within the plastic tube from your body into a canister. The surgeon sculpts and tailors by moving cannula throughout fatty bulges from different parts of incision. The progress is then monitored by pinching, feeling, looking and measuring the amount of fat that need to be removed.

About coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is said to be a noninvasive and fat reduction method. The selective freezing of fat cells decreased those fatty bulges by at least 20 to 25%. Patients usually require 1-3 treatments on the affected area to get the most desired results.

How coolsculpting is done

The practitioner creates marks on the treated area for placing the device. A transparent gel pad is then placed for protecting the skin and the head of the applicator is put into the position. Now it is already time for turning on the vacuum. After the bulge is sucked into the cup, two cooling panels seem to numb the area just like bare fingers on a cold and wintery day.

The controlled cooling freezes fat cells without damaging the nerves, muscle, or skin. The practitioner removes the application and massages frozen mound to break up fat cells after one hour.

Advantages of liposuction

  • Complete reduction of fat cells
  • Better contouring
  • Immediate results
  • Possibility of surgical procedures
  • Combining heat energy skin tightening

Advantages of coolschulpting

  • Non-invasive technology
  • Minimal downtime required
  • Lesser risks
  • Treatment done at a reduced price
  • Suitable option for the ones who do not want to perform a surgery

Both the procedures have certain restrictions if the patient has saggy or loose skin. Individuals with relaxed belly skin can be treated better than the ones having a tummy tuck.

If you are having loose skin, it is advised to talk to a plastic surgeon who provides all possible options to know if liposuction or coolsculpting is the right method to get rid of extra bulges of fat. Neither liposuction nor coolsculpting creates some kind of magic during the treatment, however both of them have made the patients pleased and satisfied by undergoing the procedure.