Reduce your Stubborn Fat with Advance Cryolipolysis Treatment

Reduce fat with cryolipolysis
Posted Date :       12 Jan 2017

Having a baby is a joyous time but a lot of new mums end up at our door asking how on earth they are going to get rid of their mum tum. Post baby tums are often left with stretch marks, loose skin and stubborn fat that just will not shift, leaving new mums with the prospect of not being able to wear a bikini again.  

The media does not help either with celebs strutting around in size zero jeans barely weeks after they have had a baby. In the real world fifty per cent of new mums are not happy with their post baby bods.

Of course having a healthy diet, keeping well hydrated and taking regular exercise are important and will help to get you back in shape. Abdominal exercises and core work will help strengthen abdominal muscles after a pregnancy, too. A personal trainer can advise on the right type of exercise that will help strengthen abdominal muscles after a pregnancy.

The concerns we see are most often regarding weight gain and stretch marks, loose skin and stomach fat. There is a range of different treatments, and we can help you by looking at each concern individually or by creating a bespoke freezing treatment for fat.

How to treat a mum tum

There are a wide range of technologies and treatments available that we put together in a bespoke treatment programme with some of the most cutting edge treatments on the market including:

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

After they have a baby women often find it hard to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat. After a C-section mums are often left with fat on the tummy that no matter how healthily they eat or how much they exercise they do simply won’t shift. Now 3DLipo Fat Freezing and Ultrasound Cavitation treatment can target those troublesome areas of fat, selectively. This treatment breaks down and destroys fat cells to help in reducing body fat in targeted areas. And the great thing is that the treatment is non invasive and is safe and effective as well as being a mere fraction of the price of traditional cosmetic surgery procedures. It is a really viable alternative to liposuction, using as it does, non surgical fat removal treatment.

Tightening the Skin

We often see clients who are looking to tighten their wobbling mum tum after they have had their baby. For those looking for a firmer and tighter tum then Radio Frequency treatment might be perfect. Radio frequency stimulates production of collagen in the body that can make the skin appear firmer and tighter, making the treated area look smoother.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be addressed with micro needling - a painless procedure that increases collagen production by the body’s natural repair process. A cocktail of serums, tailored specifically to treat stretch marks, are absorbed deeper into the skin.

We know that it can be tough getting back to normal after a baby so whether you want to try a new treatment with freezing the fat cells, or something else, come and talk to us at Cryo Lipo Clinic and we will let you know all your options.