Smarter and Safer Options for Thigh Fat Loss Treatment

Better and Safer Options for Your Thigh Fat Loss Treatment
Posted Date :       9 Jul 2018

Countless numbers of men and women seek solutions to address the accumulation of fat in their thigh area. Many treatments promise miracles but in reality, very few of these procedures prove to be helpful. As well as skincare therapies and workouts, surgical methods will prove effective in removing excess fat from the thighs. A renowned cosmetic surgeon in London points out that any procedure of this type will carry some percentage of risk and can be quite expensive.

Different Categories

People suffer from four main problems,  where thigh fat loss is concerned:

  • Excess fat deposit in the inner thighs.  This is a problem for many women.
  • Similarly, a lot of people suffer from saddlebag problems or excess deposits of fat in the outer thighs.
  • Some patients seek solutions for cellulite.
  • Some patients want removal of fat deposits from above the knee.

The vital first step to resolving these problems is to assess skin quality. Removing unwanted fat from the thighs is a tough job as the skin on the upper legs usually has lower elasticity. Skin in the area is also much thinner compared to other parts of the body. All these factors make the task of removing excess fat from the thighs more difficult.

Non-surgical treatment options

If the area of fat deposit is very small and there are no other complications, coolsculpting may prove to be the best alternative. On the other hand, if the area of fat deposit is large enough, liposuction may be more appropriate. However, if the fat is removed without considering the skin condition of the treated area, a patient may end up with sagging skin. Thus, clinical burning of thigh fat should always be done under the care and guidance of an expert.

Invasive and surgical treatment options

There are two main options for surgically removing excess fat from the thighs:

  • Liposuction
  • Thigh lift – a combination of various treatments

Liposuction is an exceptionally popular and effective treatment for the removal of unwanted thigh fat. These days, newer versions of the treatment like micro-laser lipo, smart lipo and others are popular. These revised version of the treatment offer quicker results with minimal down time. However, conventional liposuction is still considered the standard treatment for fat removal in the thigh area.

Thigh lift is also called thigh plasty and it may involve cutting and lifting the skin and then applying liposuction to get rid of any remaining unwanted fat. This procedure is more appropriate for patients who’ve already undergone major weight loss treatments and have excess skin in the thigh region.

According to an expert providing thigh fat loss treatment at the Cryo Lipo Clinic, there are also many non-surgical means to address this problem. These include sculpsure, zerona, cool sculpting and many more. Simple exercises like squats, walking up the stairs and lunges may also prove effective in resolving the problem.