How Fat Freezing Can Be a More Natural Fat Loss Process

fat freezing treatment
Posted Date :       17 Apr 2017

To what extent can you go to get away with your unwanted fat? Do you have thick flabs of stubborn fats? There are various clinical methods to treat unwanted fat, however not all of them work effectively. Nevertheless, we have the most efficient solution for your fatty tissues – fat freeze treatment. Read on to know how it stands unique from its other counterparts.

Right candidate for the treatment

Anyone and everyone who wants a slimmer figure can opt for the freezing therapy. However, it best works for people who:

  • Do not have more than 5-10 kilograms more than your ideal body weight

  • Are already into the process of weight loss

  • Are not obese

  • Do regular workouts and maintain a healthy diet

The above points are important when considering the non-surgical cryo lipo fat freeze treatment. This is because, the procedure simply kills fat cells and does not sucks them out like liposuction. Your system needs to metabolise the fat or else it will get stored in a different part of the body. So a person needs to maintain an ideal weight and practice healthy eating habits to keep the results for long.

How the treatment works

Coolsculpting uses a freezing process that permanently kills the extra fat cells from in your body. Before you can undertake the treatment, the doctor will examine you to make sure you are the right candidate for the treatment.

Using a vacuum shaped cooling device, all the extra fat is collected and frozen at a designated temperature for a specific time period. The activated cooling plates in the device crystalise the fat cells without affecting the surrounding nerves, cells, tissues and skin.

The procedure takes hardly an hour for a single session and multiple sessions would require several appointments based on the areas to be treated.


How it is different from liposuction?

Specialists and clinical experts prefer fat freezing to liposuction, when it comes to weight loss. The main difference between the two therapies is – liposuction sucks in the fat from the body parts whereas, coolsculpting gradually destroys the fat cells with the cooling technique.

Another point of difference lies on its mode of treatment – cryo lipo fat freeze is a non-invasive therapy in which you need not be kept under anesthesia on contrary to liposuction.

Where is the fat transferred?

The targeted fat cells are not transferred but flushed away the body’s metabolic system. Right after the treatment, you won’t see the difference as the process takes a few weeks to show the results. Almost 20% of your body fat is destroyed in a single session and the rest gets flushed out eventually in the nest 4-6 months. If you do not

If you want to try out the treatment for a slimmer and atractive figure, Cryo Lipo Clinic is the place for you. You can have the desired body shape with the effective fat reduction treatment without any major side-effects.