Various Alternatives to the Freeze Fat Cells Treatment

freeze fat treatment
Posted Date :       6 Dec 2017

Do you know, the appearance of your neck greatly affects your facial appearance? According to cosmetic surgeons, a leaner and meaner neck invariably makes you look smarter, more attractive and beautiful. Thus, cosmetic clinics and treatment centers are being flooded with queries and phone calls related to neck treatments.

Cryo Lipo Clinic, the Marylebone-based reputed cosmetic clinic, located on Harley Steet, has already made a name for freeze fat cell treatments. Experts at this clinic discuss the latest treatment options in the following paragraphs, that can make your neck look narrower.

Types of problems in the neck

  • Think about a bullfrog. Some people have huge fullness of the neck just beneath the chin. This problem can be readily resolved through fat reduction.
  • Have you seen Basset Hound or Shar-Pei? It has plenty of loose skin in the neck along with huge fat deposits. If you too are suffering from the same problems, simple fat reduction will not be sufficient. In addition to that, you need a facelift of neck lift to get rid of the excess skin.
  • A Labrador Retriever has prominent muscle bands around the neck. The same problem plagues the life of some people. These people, need a surgical facelift; although Botox treatment also proves helpful in these cases.

Conventional treatment

Liposuction of the neck is a great way to remove stubborn deposits of fat, but it is a much older treatment solution by now. This procedure does not only remove the fat, that you want to freeze, but also ensures those removed fat cells are never replaced by the new ones. Neck liposuction is a fast and time-saving clinical procedure. It involves a set of 2 millimeter incisions in your neck and the fat cells are drained away with a small cannulus. As post-treatment care, you have to wrap a neckcap all day-long for a week. In acute cases, the doctor may advice patients to keep wearing it only in the night for a week more. In other words, the procedure involes some downtime.

Lipo-Dissolve procedure involves injecting a biochemical into the neck to dissolve the fat. However, this treatment alternative never really became popular, either with the doctors or the patients.

Latest procedures

The latest procedures include Kybella and CoolMini.

  • Kybella: In simple words, this process involves injecting away the double chin, using deoxyholic acid. This acid is produced in our liver and cosmetic experts need to undergo special training for providing this cutting-edge treatment. As the injected chemicals begin their action, you may feel a little discomfort at the injection sites. An ice pack proves effective to overcome this discomfort. Kybella is a completely non-invasive and non-surgical clinical procedure that provides amazing results.
  • Coolmini: To freeze fat cells, CoolMini is another ground-breaking fat removal procedure. The treatment needs no downtime. It uses a special device, which freezes the fat cells at the targeted regions of the body. This kills the fat cells, which are them eliminated from the body following the normal metabolic procedure. This is also a non-surgical procedure with bare minimum invasion to a patient’s body.

Consult an expert at Cryo Lipo Clinic to know about freeze fat cells treatment, which of the methods, mentioned above, will suit you the best.